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Marugame Monzo Pulls Switcheroo With Men Oh Tokushima Torrance

Udon star Marugame Monzo avoids Little Osaka and heads straight to Torrance for second branch.

Just in time for Southland's wintery bliss, Marugame Monzo's will be opening its second branch in Torrance. Critics, carbwhores, and oglers of bandanged Japanese noodle-making gentlemen have heaped incessant praise upon Monzo and its various udons since opening. Unlike the Tsujita empire, Mon Group California seems to be Westside-averse and opted for the South.

Despite Men Oh Tokushima's success in Little Tokyo, the ramen-ya could not gain traction against the ramen giants such as HayatemaruJidaiya, Asa, and Shin Sen Gumi, in an area that is the spiritual home of many Japanese-Americans. Locals reported slow traffic even during evenings, despite common praise for the tonkotsu ramen.

At nearly 2,100 square feet, Monzo's new place in the Nijiya Plaza is massive compared to the original restaurant on 2nd St. The younger and bigger brother has already applied for a beer and wine license, so expect nearly the exact same food menu and beverage offerings as the Little Tokyo original. Remodeling is currently in progress, so expect the flip to be completed shortly. One can only hope the handsome dough-cutters will remain front and center at the new location as well.

Marugame Monzo
2141 W 182nd St
Torrance, CA 90504