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Forget Cat Cafes, LA Is About to Get a Puppy Cafe

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The Dog Cafe hopes to solve the problem of dog adoptions in Los Angeles

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Dog Cafe in Seoul, Korea
Dog Cafe in Seoul, Korea
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LA's first cat cafe hasn't even opened up, but someone else is now trying to open LA's first puppy cafe. Dubbed The Dog Cafe, lifelong animal lover and rescuer Sarah Wolfgang was inspired to launch an Indiegogo campaign after volunteering for years in Seoul, Korea at a private animal shelter. Korea's also chock full of dog cafes, where patrons can enjoy coffee and spend time with puppies. It's the ideal way for potential adopters to choose their perfect dog.

Dog Cafe Korea

Wolfgang's project is still in its infancy but hopes to open somewhere in Central LA, preferably Downtown. Sadly, Koreatown, which would make the ideal location for The Dog Cafe, likely won't work because the area would need to be zoned as "industrial" to keep the dogs overnight.

The Indiegogo page has a pretty solid plan to build out a divided space that will accommodate both dogs and coffee drinkers. On the beverage arena, Wolfgang plans to serve Grounds & Hounds coffee, which donates 20% of its proceeds to local animal rescues.

Grounds & Hounds

Whether you plan to adopt a pooch or just want to hang out with them all day long, this is your chance to finally see a puppy cafe come to life in Los Angeles. And special bonus - they'll even clean up all the poop that happens. Donors can give modest amounts for guaranteed reservations for a month ($25) or invest up to $5,000 to become immortalized with a name on one of the tables at the cafe. The campaign, which started December 16, will close on February 5, 2015.