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La Monarca Plants A Bakery in Boyle Heights Just in Time For Christmas

The higher end Mexican bakery is now baking in Boyle Heights

The ever-expanding La Monarca Bakery empire has set its roots and is open now in Boyle Heights, just in time for the holidays. Located in the historic Boyle Hotel on Mariachi Plaza, which was originally designed and constructed in 1889 and restored to be the home to affordable housing and businesses La Monarca is bringing more life into this booming neighborhood.

As with all of their bakeries, the foundation of La Monarca was set by founders Ricardo Cervantes and Alfredo Livas who make sure that the traditional baked goods, from sandwiches, pastries, and organic fair trade coffee are all baked and brewed in-house.

The Boyle Heights location joins others in East LA, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and the original in Huntington Park. —Matthew Bragman

La Monarca Bakery
101 N Boyle Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033