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Pok Pok Phat Thai Chinatown Waiting For Final Go-Ahead From Health Department

They were initially shut down for failing to have a licensed facility.

Andy Ricker's currently in Thailand eating his way through Chiang Mai, but his first L.A. restaurant venture, Pok Pok Phat Thai, is waiting for the go-ahead from the health department to open in Chinatown. A notice on the front of the store does say that the place was shut down due to L.A. County Code 114381, which is a violation of operating an unlicensed facility. Does this mean that Ricker was trying to operate Phat Thai without a license?

Either way, Eater caught an early look inside the first of two Chinatown Pok Poks. The whimsical, colorful interior is really tiny. In fact, it's almost like a take out counter with just a few bar seats. Most of the dining will have to happen outside on picnic tables (which could be limiting if the weather's cold).