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Marcel Vigneron Unleashing Vegetarian Concept Beefsteak Onto Melrose

The Top Cheftestant takes over the former 8 oz. and ROFL space.

ROFL Melrose
ROFL Melrose
Elizabeth Daniels

Named after the hearty tomato varietal, not the New Jersey-style meat festival, Marcel Vigneron is close to opening a new plant-based concept called Beefsteak on Melrose. It's taking over the old 8 oz. Burger, which was shortly a cafe called ROFL(Republic of Laughter). One should note, however, that this place will have the same name as Jose Andres' upcoming Beefsteak concept in DC, which also touts a veggie-heavy menu.

Vigneron has already launched the concept inside Bearnaise, Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn's restaurant in Washington D.C. Using local ingredients and a California approach to vegetables, Vigneron has been cooking up dishes like grilled asparagus with "fried egg sauce" and quinoa, as well as broccoli bagna cauda.

At the moment, only a Facebook page shows Vigneron's intentions to take over the Melrose slot, though an early post does say that a March debut is in the works. According to the website, Vigneron is planning to provide, " healthy, satisfying meals for vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike." So, think entrees that "won't result in a food coma." Finally, he says "I want my guests to feel satisfied and sexy." That's always a fine approach to doing a new restaurant in L.A.


7661 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 323 951 1536 Visit Website