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Phorage Very Close To Noodling Up Playa Del Rey With Second Outlet

The popular Palms pho spot has a second spot ready to open near the beach.

Phorage Playa del Rey
Phorage Playa del Rey
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Phorage, which opened a slightly more ambitious Vietnamese pho and noodle spot in Palms back in July 2013 in the former Chego slot, is close to opening their second location some where in Playa del Rey. At the moment, founders Perry Cheung, Eric Cho, and Jesse Duron aren't saying exactly where their concept will land, but based on this photo, it will be a sizeable new place to grab a bowl of organic chicken or washugyu beef pho.

No word on whether the menu here will expand the offerings in Palms, which also has vermicelli noodles (great for warmer weather) and a much talked-about bowl of oxtail pho.


3300 Overland Ave #105, Los Angeles, CA 90034 310-876-0910