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Friends of Eater Name the Best Dining Neighborhoods of 2014

Koreatown seems to be the consensus winner, but there are other great dining neighborhoods in LA.

Saint Martha, Koreatown
Saint Martha, Koreatown
Elizabeth Daniels
Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

Kat Odell, Eater Editorial Producer: Every year I answer this question the same way: SGV. Although I've also been rather keen on K-Town more so this past year.

Gary Baum, Senior Writer, The Hollywood Reporter: Downtown - specifically, the Grand Central Market.

Pat Saperstein, Founder, Silver Lake took a huge step forward in 2014.

Brigham Yen, Editor, Old Bank District has almost everything now from pho to cupcakes, hand-rolls to pizza, on top of Josef Centeno's empire.

Nicole Iizuka, Producer, POPSUGAR: Silverlake

Esther Tseng, e*starLA: Downtown L.A. Second place would be Silver Lake. (Disclosure: Silver Lake is my neighborhood and I am very happy with this year's additions. But overall, Downtown L.A.)

Euno Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Daily Trojan; Eater LA Contributor: Fairfax. No, it's not close.

Stacey Sun, dineLA Director: KTown. It's dynamic and has a ton of energy. New restaurants are constantly popping up, making this neighborhood consistently exciting, with the best food options.

Garrett Snyder, LA Magazine Contributor: On the surface I'd say Silver Lake, which further strengthened it's position as the most exciting place in L.A. to open a restaurant. But don't sleep on what's going on in Chinatown.

Zach Brooks, Midtown Lunch and Food is the New Rock Founder: It's gotta be Josef Centeno's square of DTLA, right? The dude is pretty much the best chef in L.A. right now, covering practically every style of restaurant possible all within his 4 restaurant mini-empire.

Jeff Miller, Thrillist LA Senior Editor: I think Koreatown is exciting right now: St. Martha opening there was the first step in what I see as huge potential for great things. Plus, KBBQ is always amazing.

Crystal Coser, Eater LA Contributor: Koreatown. It has always been one of my favorite dining destinations for its vast expanse of single-dish specialty restaurants, but The Line Hotel and places like Saint Martha seriously upped the culinary game.

Tony Chen, Eater LA Contributor: SGV

Joshua Lurie, Founder, FoodGPS: It's becoming cliché, but Koreatown still has the highest concentration of good food in the city, and the neighborhood still stands to diversify with the arrival of restaurants like Cassell's and Le Comptoir.

Matthew Kang, Eater LA Editor: Koreatown keeps getting better, with regional Korean restaurants, and even non-Korean restaurants like Saint Martha, Commissary, and Le Comptoir landing in the neighborhood. But San Gabriel Valley, Thai Town, and South Bay (for Japanese food) continue to elevate LA's Asian food scene to greater heights, which is what makes me happy to live in this city.