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Little Hong Kong Cafe Served Its Last Chow Fun on Sawtelle on December 26

The longtime Cantonese cafe is making way for something new.

Inside Little Hong Kong Cafe
Inside Little Hong Kong Cafe

Little Hong Kong Cafe, which has been a fixture for years on Sawtelle on the long strip mall that includes the likes of Kimukatsu, Tatsu, and Volcano Tea, called it quits on December 26 despite sitting on one of the busiest restaurant rows in town. The place had some detractors, but for the most part reviews for the old-school Chinese spot were solid.

Little Hong Kong 2

For those that weren't willing to make the trek to SGV, Little HK was a welcome sight, though places like MJ Cafe Express (with its excellent popcorn chicken) and dumpling/noodle ROC certainly ramped up the competition for Chinese fare on the block.

However, fans can rest assured that a new concept and menu will hit the space within the next few weeks. It's unclear if that means the fare will remain Chinese or if it's a change of ownership. Either way, locals will have the answer soon enough.

Little Hong Kong Cafe

2129 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 478-7329 Visit Website

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