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Phoenix Opens Flagship in Temple City, Korean Seafood BBQ Arrives in SGV

Phoenix Restaurant group opens its fanciest branch yet.

Welcome to Meanwhile In SGV a regular feature in which Tony Chen, our fearless leader in all things San Gabriel Valley, brings word of restaurant openings, closings, and other unsung, curious neighborhood goings on.

1) Temple City: The 47-year old Phoenix has opened its new flagship restaurant. Phoenix Kitchen was designed by Schism Designs is a fast-casual concept much like Phoenix Food Boutique. The large space features sky light and heated outdoor seating, and hopes to be feature regularly rotated items. Phoenix remains the oldest and one of the most successful Chinese restaurant chains in Los Angeles. 9225 Las Tunas Dr.

X Seafood BBQ

2) San Gabriel: X Seafood BBQ has opened at the old Hwa-Ro space. This is the first Korean seafood grill in the SGV. Menus consists mostly of large combos meant to feed 2 or more people, just like in K-town. 227 W Valley Blvd 138-A


3) Monterey Park: Fang's, a Sichuan restaurant opened in October, has become the hottest (literally and figuratively) restaurant in Monterey Park. Prices are on par with Szechuan Impression, and there is hardly a wait due to the inauspicious location — it replaces the defunct Giang Nan. 306 N Garfield Ave Ste A-12

4) Rosemead: Pho Bang has taken over the decrepit Pho 54, a long-time SGV cheap pho standby. This pho restaurant is apparently the first extension of a New York City (Little Italy) Vietnamese noodle chain. Oddly, the menu remains basically the same. 8450 Valley Blvd Ste 111-112

Coffee Zone

5) Monterey Park: Coffee Zone opened in an nondescript office plaza off of Atlantic in November. There are foam art and fresh teas on the menu and a small strip walled-in concrete space serves as the outdoor patio. 328 S Atlantic Blvd Ste 107

6) AlhambraThe previously noted Pressed Juicery opened on Nov 14. This is the third "juicery" (but only the first cold-pressed) to open in W SGV in two months. One can officially get bok choi in liquidified form. 19 S Garfield Ave Ste C

Phoenix Kitchen

9225 Las Tunas Blvd., Temple City, CA (626) 285-0988