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Dosanko Larmen, A Prolific Japanese Ramen Joint, Takes Over Ramen-ya in West LA

The Sawtelle-adjacent ramen shop touts some of the best Sapporo-style noodles in LA

Dosanko Larmen, Sawtelle
Dosanko Larmen, Sawtelle
Midtown Lunch

The old Ramen-ya seemed to languish despite a boom in ramen shops opening along Sawtelle Blvd. It's now been replaced by Dosanko Larmen, a very old string of Japanese noodle shops that actually debuted in Manhattan back in 2006, only to close a few years later.

Midtown Lunch reports that Dosanko Larmen slipped into Ramen-ya just recently, serving Sapporo-style ramen laden with white miso, ground pork, and ginger. The highly-customizable bowls won't necessarily dislodge Tsujita for hardcore noodle fiends, but it's still a welcome concept for the crowded dining neighborhood.

Dosanko Larmen
11555 Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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