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Timothy Hollingsworth Heading Rest. at Broad Museum

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Timothy Hollingsworth, former French Laundry chef de cuisine who came to Los Angeles last year with high hopes of opening a local taqueria, will instead helm a free-standing 6,000 square foot restaurant in conjunction with the Broad contemporary art museum, which is set to launch next year near Grand Avenue and Second Street Downtown. Designer Osvaldo Maiozzi, responsible for the looks at Rivera and Messhall, will aesthetically define the space.

The LA Times reports that the eatery is "the result of a partnership between Bill Chait's restaurant group Sprout and museum founder Eli Broad." Chait is behind ventures like Republique, Rivera, and Petty Cash. Former Bouchon chef de cuisine Rory Herrmann will serve as culinary director for the project, in addition to other Sprout endeavors including an Arts District market and Middle Eastern restaurant.

Hollingsworth describes the place as "… approachable yet innovative and creative, and hopefully something for those who live downtown and people who are traveling from other parts of the city [or beyond] to visit the museum." Not fine dining.
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Grand Ave. & Second St., Los Angeles