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A Clothing Store-Bar The Hanger Comes to Whittier

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The Hanger's future dining room.
The Hanger's future dining room.

Joining The Rusty Monk in Whittier comes The Hanger, a unique new bar/restaurant and clothing shop cheffed by former La Poubelle cook David Fortier. Sort of like Beauty & Essex in New York where a pawn shop gives way to a full on eatery, The Hanger, which is about halfway complete at the moment, will house a totally operational clothing store and toward the rear one will find a kitchen and bar plus open air garden dining room. Fortier is working on a menu of burgers, flatbreads, and other bar bites. Partners Adrian Sander and Angelina Christensen are looking to serve in April. [EaterWire]

The Hanger

614 Whittier Blvd East Los Angeles, CA 90022