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Chicago's Original Stuffed Pizza Bound For Alhambra

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Photo: Nancy's Pizza, 2930 N. Broadway, Chicago. Photo: Serious Eats

Nancy's Pizza's claim to fame is that owner Rocco Palese originated Chicago's stuffed pan pizza in the early 1970s. The novelty pie was an immediate hit, and Rocco plus wife Nancy (after whom the pizzeria was named) eventually expanded the original restaurant and went on to open new locations around Chicago. The Paleses won a slew of pizza accolades over the years and in the early 1990s sold franchise rights to the Nancy's Pizza name. Which brings us to today. Nancy's Pizza is destined for Alhambra to serve deep dish pies in addition to thin crust versions and plates of American-Italian staples like mozzarella sticks, spaghetti marinara, and godfather sandwiches. No word on launch. [EaterWire]

Nancy's Pizza

410 W. Main St. Suite 100, Alhambra, CA 91801