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Mozza Vets Hold Ugly Drum Pastrami Pop-Up, Want Resto

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Erik Black (Osteria Mozza) and Joe Marcos (Pizzeria Mozza) hope to eventually open a restaurant together, but for now they're testing foodstuffs via a temporary dining engagement, the Ugly Drum pastrami pop-up at Mendocino Farms on March 5. Mendocino chef/partner Judy Han, also a longtime friend of Marcos, tried the team's smoked meats at a recent event, was a quick fan, and thusly invited the guys to use her Mendocino kitchen until they found a space other than Black's garage. Ideally they'd like to open a small, unfussy place focused on smoked meats, house-made sausages and beer.

But as for that pop-up — named after ugly drum smokers Black built to smoke the meats — dinner costs $25 for 12-hour pecan wood-smoked Texas-style brisket pastrami, chicken-Thai chili sausages, cheddar and jalapeño hot dogs, unspecified craft beer, a bunch of sides, and coconut cheesecake and Kalamansi lemon ice box pie by Creme Caramel. See the menu in full and buy tickets here. [EaterWire]

Mendocino Farms

735 Figueroa St Mendocino Farms, Los Angeles, CA 90071