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Jonathan Gold Discusses Guerrilla Tacos Food Truck

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Jonathan Gold files a love letter to Guerrilla Tacos, the exotic taco stand turned food truck from former Ducasse disciple Wes Avila. While prices may be slightly higher than other taco trucks, Gold notes the extra dollars go to thoughtfully sourced ingredients:

If the menu gods are with you, you can do pretty well that way — carnitas made from slow-roasted Cook Pig Ranch pork shoulder is really, really good carnitas, and the tart, scorching tomatillo purée is a step up from even the best green salsas in East L.A… If you are the kind of person whose proclivities fall onto the Yale-Brown scale for obsessive-compulsive behaviors, you may fire off a Yelp review noting that $4 is twice what you would ever pay for a taco, but that's OK. Small-scale, lovingly raised meat costs more than commodity pork, and anyway the truck often runs out of tacos, and almost everything else it sells, well before noon.
The takeaway here is that Guerrilla Tacos runs out of tacos quickly, so plan accordingly and arrive early. [LAT]

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Guerrilla Tacos

Mateo & Willow Los Angeles, CA 90013