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Gunpowder, Redefining Tea One Latte at a Time

Gunpowder, Venice's imminent tea cafe that aims to revolutionize that way people drink steeped leaves, is still on schedule to open March 3. Owner Mike Franzini, a local writer/director/photographer, noticed a hole in the tea sector, and Gunpowder is his answer.

What one can expect from the former Dagwoods Pizza space is a cafe open 24/7, at least upon inception, serving tea lattes, tea and herbal infusions, shots of caffeinated cold-brewed tea, and cold tea and fruit-based drinks in flavors like white tea-strawberry, jasmine-Asian pear, and cocoa shell. Also, tea-based gelato and gluten-free/low glycemic baked goods by Merce Muse, who previously operated Merce and the Muse cafe in Paris.

And while coffee will be missing off the menu here, instead Gunpowder will brew a Java black tea blend made from chicory and guayusa, which looks just like coffee but packs even more caffeine.

As for aesthetics, the space is divided between lounge and work area. Expect comfy chairs and couches on one side, while a 13-foot long English Elm wood slab fitted with outlets and USB charging ports is ready for those on the job.
· Gunpowder Tea Cafe Infusing Venice on March 3 [~ELA~]


202 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90291