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Nozawa Headed to the Historic Core with Kazu-Nori

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It's unclear what, exactly, this means at the moment, but Kazunori Nozawa — Los Angeles' OG sushi king of the shuttered Sushi Nozawa and mastermind behind beloved warm rice chainlet Sugarfish — is back in biz. With a 41 beer and wine license, he's en route to the historic core, replacing a former dry cleaner with Kazu-Nori, mere feet from Bäco Mercat. One would presume that this will be a high-end sushi bar along the lines of his hidden 10-seat Edo-style wonder Nozawa Bar within Sugarfish Beverly Hills. Or, perhaps he's relocating for more space. [EaterWire]


421 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90013