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A Little More on L'Assiette, Mid-City's One Hit Wonder

Mary Anne Reyes, partner in The Colonial, has joined up with father-son duo Jacques and Marc Fiorentino to rework her defunct Melrose Avenue wine bar into a steak frites bistro named L'Assiette. They're gunning to open by the end of February.

Perhaps the first restaurant in Los Angeles to serve just one main dish (other than, say, The Phoenix, which funny enough also just served steak frites and salad upon inception), L'Assiette centers on the classic French prep of steak with a side of fries. Here the set menu will commence with baguette and either soup or salad, followed by a grilled sirloin steak and pommes frites or French fries. A release says that the steak will be served to diners in two portions in order to "maintain the integrity of the dish." Supplement courses of cheese and/or French pastries can round out a meal.

Naturally, diners will have high expectations for this plate of steak fries. But, only time will tell. L'Assiette's dining room seats 50 and the restaurant will serve dinner daily.
· L'Assiette Replacing The Colonial in Feb [~ELA~]

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7166 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046