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Uzbek Restaurant Samarkand Cafe Seeks Kickstarter Funds

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Dan Levy and wife Firuza have already raised $7,570 out of their goal of $18,000 via Kickstarter to open an Uzbek restaurant in Downtown LA called Samarkand Cafe. They've secured a space near 7th and San Julian Street and hired chef Habiba Musaeva to introduce Angelenos to the unique and generally unknown flavors of Uzbekistan, a colorful hybrid cuisine which draws influence from Asia, Russia, and parts of the Middle East. Kickstarter lists a slew of benefits for those who donate money to the project, and funds will be spent on renovations, equipment, permitting fees and tableware. Check out this here video on the backstory and donate, too. [~ELA~]

Samarkand Cafe

7th Street and San Julian St., Los Angeles, CA