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Check Out EightyTwo, Where Arcades and Booze Collide

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The idea's as old as Pac Man: stick an arcade machine in a bar and one is bound to find the hours and pints pass by faster than a quarter slides down the slot. Finally, drinking is fun again, with EightyTwo hitting the Arts District in colorful style with a slew of old-school arcades, plenty of vintage pinball machines, and of course, classics like TRON. Opening on March 21, relive the eighties with a shot of bourbon and a pint of suds in a stark, minimalist room with plenty of room to mingle in between. In the corner, a DJ setup for fine tunes, and in the middle, a huge courtyard between the gaming rooms for outdoor, warm weather revelry. Opened by Scott Davids and Noah Sutcliffe, and designed by local Sci-Arc architect Darin Johnstone, the idea is playable art. Just don't forget the quarters.
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