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Bigfoot Lodge Flosses Tello/Demarest Drinks, New Look

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1933 Group's hunting-themed bar Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz has gone under the knife for changes one can taste and see. The nightlife developer's first ever venue, opened 15 years ago before craft cocktails were hot, is now sporting a retooled list of intoxicants thanks to the helpful hands of acclaimed barmen Marcos Tello and Aidan Demarest of Liquid Assets (1886). Although 1933 Group has already established itself as a leader in craft cocktails, this is the first time they've collaborated with Tello/Demarest and the effort has yielded a drink list steeped in micro-batch whiskeys sourced from west of the Mississippi, in addition to craft ryes and bourbons from the American West.

1933 Group partner Bobby Green, who designed Bigfoot Lodge's kitschy woodsy look, also spearheaded the bar's facelift, complete with two new patios and reorganized furniture inside.
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Bigfoot Lodge

3172 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039