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Chef Brendan Collins to Oversee Food at Brouwerij West

Crafter beer bottler Brouwerij West, launched by photographer Brian Mercer in 2010, is on its way to open a 26,000 square foot beer brewing facility with a 17,000 square foot patio at the Port of Los Angeles's Warehouse No. 9 in San Pedro. Poised to be the largest craft brewery in Los Angeles when it debuts in late 2014, the space will also encompass a 200+ seat restaurant cheffed by Waterloo & City's Brendan Collins, a coffee bar operated by Outpost Coffee (from four Handsome Coffee alums), a bottle shop, a retail area, and an events space.

Collins, along with Waterloo & City GM Carolos Tomazos, will run the unnamed restaurant's BOH and FOH. They're not straying too far from Waterloo & City's British pub ethos, and at Brouwerij Collins is working on a Belgian beer-friendly menu that incorporates local produce and French technique. Expect whole hog butchery, too.
· Brouwerij West Building Brewery at Port of Los Angeles [~ELA~]


112 E. 22nd St. San Pedro, CA 90731