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Fifty Seven, Casual Fine Dining in the Arts District

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Check out the menu for Fifty Seven, the new Arts District restaurant cheffed by Eleven Madison Park (NYC) alum David Nayfeld, open last night right by Bestia on S. Santa Fe Ave in a building that once served as an old Heinz 57 loading dock. 57, hence the eatery's name.

The idea here at Fifty Seven, designed by MAI Studio (Gjelina, Hinoki and the Bird), is to rotate chefs quarterly, sort of like a more permanent version of Test Kitchen, and Nayfeld is kicking things off. His seasonal American menu, divided between snacks and a three course prix fixe option for $48, reads simple but thoughtful, a fine dining chef's approach to more casual eats. There's veal liver with onion jam and oxtail marmalade; Amish chicken with black trumpet, shimeji and morel mushrooms; and a pineapple dessert with crème fraîche and coriander. Resy here.
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712 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021