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Gunpowder Brews Leaf-Based Lattes Today in Venice

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Gunpowder opens in Venice today with the intent to change one's daily coffee routine. Looking to be the Starbucks of tea, Gunpowder is a creative new tea facility from writer/director/photographer Mike Franzini, serving leaf-based lattes, matcha smoothies, and cups of Java Black brewed from chicory and guayusa. Cold drinks are made from fruit and tea infusions in flavors like white tea-strawberry and jasmine-Asian pear. A small case of gluten-free baked goods is prepared by Merce Muse (of Merce and the Muse cafe in Paris), and those looking for tea gadgetry can nerd out over the wall of toys. In the rear one will find a communal work space, a few lounge seats, and an odd outdoor furniture setup. Should be interesting to see how this one is received.
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202 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90291