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Simplethings Springs to Westwood Bringing Pie and More

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Pumpkin, blueberry, and mud pie are just a few of the flavors found within a refrigerated case at the new downsized Simplethings, a micro offshoot of the three year old cafe on West Third Street. Partners Ryan Handel and Andy Paxson are at is again, reworking the former Angelino's Cafe on Kinross into a quaint cafe with more seating outside than inside, plating their tried and true roster of better quality sandwiches, salads, plus sweet and savory pies. Last weekend they soft opened for friends and family, but simplethings is now up and running for those in the Westwood Village vicinity.
· simplethings Prepares For Pie and Sandwich Launch on 3rd [~ELA~]


10874 Kinross Ave Los Angeles, CA 90024