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Chengdu Taste 2 Eyes May Debut in Rosemead

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How bad is the wait at Chengdu Taste these days? One social media user reported a nearly two hour queue. Owner Tony Xu himself has been referring customers to other Valley Boulevard Sichuan restaurants on Chinese-twitter, and offering tea stewed eggs for those in line. Even Jane Zhang, a famed pop singer from Chengdu city, has resorted to getting delivery. It's under these difficult circumstances that Chengdu Taste 2 has pushed its projected opening out to May, though it seems June is more likely. The build-out is coming along, but U.S. construction crews apparently don't work as fast as they do in China. On the other hand, with the help of the kitchen, Chengdu Taste 1 received overnight new carpeting last week, so perhaps a May opening isn't improbable.
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Chengdu Taste 2

8526 W Valley Blvd #108-109 Rosemead, CA