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Formaggio Going Into On Montana Slot in Santa Monica

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More details today on the ever-rotating space that is Jack's On Montana in Santa Monica. Originally purported to be called Forma with Robert Donnell, it's not going to be called Formaggio, this time from the Pecorino's Mario Sabatini.

According to Toddrickallen, On Montana will be shutting down July 1 in preparation for a September debut of the retooled restaurant. Staff on site did say that the menu overall won't get a complete overhaul, but will whittle down to fewer dishes with some more Italian influence.

UPDATE: Instead of Formaggio, it'll be called Forma, with a completely different menu and ambiance after the summer remodel, says Mario Sabatini, who partnered with Rob Donnell and Piero Topputo (Toscana).
· Formaggio Coming Soon To Montana Ave. [Toddrickallen]

Jack's On Montana

1610 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403

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