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LA's 15 Most Anticipated Spring and Summer Openings

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Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

After a couple of marquee openings in the past few weeks, such as Faith & Flower, POT, and Superba Food & Bread, there are still plenty of great places in the works that are scheduled to open within the latter part of spring and into the summer. Count among them the second production by the Trois Mec team, and a couple of new concepts by Adam Fleischman. Here now, the 15 Most Anticipated Restaurants to Open in Spring and Summer in Los Angeles.

10-terraazzaaSM.jpg15) Santa Monica: Terrazza
Major Players: Sven Mede, Michael S. Smith
The Situation: A completely new eater inside the Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, Mede is planning a seafood-centric eatery in this Santa Monica hotel. Think small plates intended for sharing (the worst oxymoron, but a common one), seafood, pizzas, and seasonal salads. Smith will take beachy design cues and use things like Spanish green tiles, carved wood tables, and wicker chairs.
Projected Opening:Early May
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11-Fullscreen capture 4142014 15543 PM.jpg14) Baldwin Hills: Mexicano
Major Players: Ramiro Arvizo, Jaime Martin Del Campo
The Situation: The proprietors of the fantastic La Casita Mexicana are making their debut in L.A. proper, this time just a few clicks south of the 10 freeway in Baldwin Hills. Touting classic Mexican dishes such as carne en su jugo, made to order tamales, and even a Flauta shack, this should be the biggest restaurant opening in this part of town this year.
Projected Opening: Late Spring
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07-zinccafe222.jpg13) Arts District: Zinc Cafe
Major Players: John Secretan
The Situation: This mini-chain in Orange County is known for fresh salads, sandwiches and more, but come May, it'll be one of the biggest new restaurants to open in the Arts District, which is already home to many large eateries. Touting dozens of seats scattered across an expansive space, Secretan is bringing his blend of casual bites to a part of town that never seems to have enough places to eat and drink. After some delays, Secretan is gearing up for a May debut.
Projected Opening: Early May
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13-beelman'spub-thumbasdf.jpg12) Downtown: Beelman's Pub
Major Players: Acme Bar Group; Proprietors, LLC
The Situation: Taking over the old Coffee Bar slot in Downtown, Beelman's Pub is an homage to architect Claude Beelman, who designed many buildings in Downtown in the 1930's. Incorporating an improved cocktail program from Proprietors, LLC, Beelman's will have an Old World feel with a cheerful patio that spills out onto Spring Street. Sure to be a hit with Historic Core denizens.
Projected Opening: Early May
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08-redosantamonica-thumbb.jpg11) Santa Monica: Red O
Major Players: Rick Bayless, Thomas Schoos, Mike Dobson, Rick Teasta
The Situation: Word on the street is that this second outlet of Red O is getting ready for a Spring debut. The chairs and equipment are going inside this minute, which means that Rick Bayless is launching his Mexican concept in the heart of Santa Monica. Designed by Thomas Schoos
Projected Opening: Mid-Spring
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14-wexler's deli.jpg10) Downtown: Wexler's Deli
Major Players: Micah Wexler
The Situation: After a few years under the radar and a pretty advanced pop-up inside the former Umamicatessen, Micah Wexler, who previously helmed Mezze, is giving the Jewish deli a makeover at the burgeoning Grand Central Market. His pastrami at Umamicatessen was already one of the best in the city. Given the entire palette of Jewish deli fare, it remains to be seen just how great Wexler can do. The chances are pretty good.
Projected Opening: Late Spring
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05-playaprovisionsthumb.jpg9) Playa del Rey: Playa Provisions
Major Players: Brooke Williamson, Nick Roberts
The Situation: It seems that Brooke Williamson and husband Nick Roberts have been working on this four-in-one concept for many many months. Located in Playa del Rey, which is just aching for more and better places to eat and drink, this will surely be a hit for beach bums and tech-inclined locals. Touting an ice cream bar, a casual all-day eatery called King Beach, a whiskey bar and a more refined experience called Dockside, the Top Chefestant hopes to open within a month or so, pending construction.
Projected Opening: Late Spring
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12-Fullscreen capture 4142014 15615 PM.jpg8) West Third: BP Oysterette
Major Players: Jason Niederkorn
The Situation: This popular seaside shack in Santa Monica is bringing the ocean to Mid-City in the old Luigi Osteria space on one of the most densely populated restaurant streets in the city. Right next to Robata Jinya and just a few blocks from Son of a Gun, BP will have plenty of competition. Will Angelenos tire of oysters anytime soon?
Projected Opening:Late Spring
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03-chengdutaste2sgvb.jpg7) Rosemead: Chengdu Taste 2
Major Players: Tony Xu
The Situation: Chengdu Taste made waves in the SGV by preparing some of the best Sichuanese cuisine the city has ever seen. Creating hours of wait times and a made rush on evening to converge on tables, Chengdu is getting wiser with a larger space. Owner Tony Xu was hoping for a faster opening, but apparently construction doesn't come along as quickly as it does in China.
Projected Opening: Late Spring/Early Summer
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04-kazunorihubm.jpg6) Downtown: Kazunori
Major Players: Kazunori Nozawa, Lele Massimini
The Situation: The unstoppable SugarFish crew is coming up with a more casual concept called Kazunori that essentially produces uber-fresh handrolls with crispy seaweed wraps. Debuted at Coachella this year, this Downtown location will be right in the heart of Historic Core alongside places like Baco.
Projected Opening: Late Summer
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02-smokeoilsalt.jpg5) Melrose: smoke.oil.salt.
Major Players: Perfecto Rocher, Adam Fleischman
The Situation: Touting authentic Spanish fare from chef Perfecto Rocher, this wine-centric restaurant in the former Angeli Caffe space. Think both modern and traditional-style tapas, weekly paella, and low corkage. Definitely a wine person's kind of place.
Projected Opening: April 22
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15-chocochicken-thumbasdf.jpg4) Downtown: ChocoChicken
Major Players: Adam Fleischman
The Situation: Innovative? Perhaps. Strange? Not really. Destined to be a hit? Given its off-the-cuff location, tough to call. Delicious? Definitely. Adam Fleischman is taking a combo that's age-old (chicken and chocolate) and remaking it for the American palate by frying the chicken with a proprietary blend of spices, and pairing it various sauces like a dense, almost hoisin-like mole. Also, sides like white chocolate mashed potatoes.
Projected Opening: Late April/Early May
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01-alimkentotumb.jpg3) Silver Lake: Alimento
Major Players: Zach Pollack
The Situation: After working through a number of kitchens around town and building up Sotto to a solid neighborhood Italian spot in South Beverly Hills with Steve Sampson, Zach Pollack is striking on his own (he's still involved with Sotto for now) at the old Backdoor Bakery spot in Silver Lake. Called Alimento, it's sure to be another Italian concept, though exactly what isn't settled right now.
Projected Opening: Late Summer
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09-pistolaasf.jpg2) West Third: Pistola
Major Players: Seth Glassman, Vic Casanova
The Situation: After finishing a stretch with IDG Group and helping to open RivaBella, Glassman is striking on his own with Vic Casanova, who found some success at the rather small Gusto on West Third. Together, they'll put together a first class front of house with a mean back of house that should be able to pull off anything. Based on previous conversations with Casanova, it's probably that this will be an Italian restaurant, but it's confirmed that they're opening in the old AOC space just down the street.
Projected Opening: Late Spring
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06-petittroisthumb.jpg1) Melrose: Petit Trois
Major Players: Vinny Dotolo, Jon Shook, Ludo Lefebvre
The Situation: Coming off the heels of their massively lauded tasting-menu only operation at a former pizza joint at the end of the sleepy strip mall on the corner of Highland and Melrose, the three guys are at it again, this time taking over the former Tasty Thai slot next door and calling it Petit Trois. Touting French wines and French food, it should work nicely as an annex to the big brother next door.
Projected Opening: Late Spring
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