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The Oinkster Opens April 22; Chicken and Waffles Pizza

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HOLLYWOOD— Slow food fast or fast food slow is about to hit Hollywood. Chef Andre Guerrero's anticipated Hollywood branch of The Oinkster is finally set to debut on April 22. [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Dough, Sunset Boulevard's new pizzeria and trattoria, is now a month old and management has added a bunch of dishes to the menu. In addition to roasted octopus and a pulled pork sandwich, make note of the chicken and waffles pizza ($17/$23). Think Cinnamon Toast Crunch fried chicken with Italian waffle cookies, Granny Smith apples, maple syrup, a white sauce and herbs. Like, whoa. [EaterWire]

DUBAI—People in Dubai want Lemonade, too. Alan Jackson's popular quick serve California cafeteria parts doors April 30 in Ibn Battuta, the chain's first outlet outside of SoCal. [EaterWire]

K-TOWN— BTW Seoul Sausage chef Chris Oh is opening his Columbian restaurant Escala next week. [EaterWire]

The Oinkster

776 Vine St Los Angeles, CA 90038