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Kris Tominaga IN at Jeff Weinstein's New SaMo Restaurant

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Kris Tominaga and Brian Dunsmoor, chefs of The Hart and the Hunter at Palihotel, are in demand young men. Last week came news that Dunsmoor has signed on to update the menu at Flores via Ladies Gunboat Society at Flores, and today LAT brings word that The Counter and Freddy Smalls founder Jeff Weinstein has hired Tominaga to serve as chef at his new Santa Monica restaurant, which replaces The Shack on Wilshire. Originally Weinstein had planned to bring chef Charlie Parker over from Freddys to cook at this new spot but as some might recall Parker decamped on April 12 to explore an opportunity in Northern California. The Shack's unnamed replacement is on target to open mid-summer with a full bar, indoor/outdoor seating for 100, and a wood-burning grill.

Despite leaving home turf, both Tominaga and Dunsmoor are still committed to the Hart and the Hunter, so don't fret over missing biscuits.
· The Hart and the Hunter's Kris Tominaga to helm new Santa Monica restaurant [LAT]
· Charlie Parker will Man Stove at The Shack Remake in SM [~ELA~]

[Photo: Food GPS]


2518 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403