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Kazu-Nori, a Hand Roll Bar, To Downtown This Summer

Next up, Kazunori Nozawa and the pioneering team behind affordable warm rice omakase favorite Sugarfish and the upscale Nozawa Bar, are introducing yet another dining concept to sushi consumers of Los Angeles. The original hand roll bar, Kazu-Nori, is underway downtown near Bäco Mercat on S. Main, set to debut around the end of June or beginning of July. Glen Bell of DEX Studio (he's the designer behind most Sugarfish locales) is working on a bar-only dining setup. The idea here is a quick, affordable, and high quality meal based on Nozawa's signature hand rolls, filled with blue crab, lobster, and more. Patrons will sit at a bar and the chef will hand over rolls as soon as they are ready. That way the nori remains crisp for an optimal roll consumption experience.

Partner Lele Massimini explains that although prices have yet to be set, diners will be surprised by the low roll cost. And Kazu-Nori is able to offer affordable prices because of Nozawa's pre-existing relationships with fishermen and the high volume of fish he purchases for his many restaurants. Which is exactly what Sugarfish is known for: high quality, reasonable cost. Expect about eight to 10 rolls, in addition to a daily sashimi option, plus beer and sake. Those short on time will have the option to order off a to-go menu, although it will not offer hand rolls. Details on that are still being finalized.
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421 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90013