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Black Hogg Team Opening Hero Shop Downtown

Chef Eric Park of Black Hogg in Silver Lake is rolling to Downtown, rehabilitating the skinny sliver of a bakery that previously housed Babycakes into Hero Shop, a banh mi sandwich shop. Says Park, "I actually love the idea of a banh mi - pork parts, pate, cilantro, pickles, peppers... On flaky soft bread. But I have yet to eat one that satisfies. Usually it lacks in substance or the bold flavors fall short. I'm going to make them how I would love to eat them." Check out Park's menu, which ranges from sandwiches stuffed with head cheese to blood sausage to fatty brisket. Some might also recall that last summer Park introduced lunch to Black Hogg in the form of an Italian sandwich menu he dubbed Sopressata. Anyway, the chef is looking to run with Hero Shop in the next two weeks.
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Hero Shop

130 E 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90014