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Night + Market Song's Shutter; Mendo, Pitfire, Pressed to Thousand Oaks

SILVER LAKE— Late this afternoon Kris Yenbamroong blasted out an email explaining why Thai newbie Night + Market Song has been shuttered intermittently since its debut one month ago and why the restaurant will continue to be closed until further notice: "... Little did we know (because of those construction delays) that the opening of Song would coincide with the festival. That is why we had to close for so many days both in preparation for and during the Coachella ... To those who think we were 'partying,' know this: we were not. We were working harder in these past two weeks than we've ever worked at the restaurant ...Yesterday, I was hit with tragic news that forced me to leave Coachella early and get on the red-eye to NYC. I will be here for the next few days paying my respects to my loved ones. That means that Song will remain closed until I am able to make it back to California... As for the spiteful notes that have been left for us in our absence, I'll take them as a form of flattery—a sign that some of you really really miss our pork blood dipping soup." [Eater Inbox]

THOUSAND OAKS— Westlake Village Plaza, Westlake Village Plaza and Center, and Gelson's Westlake Market Plaza at the corner of Westlake Boulevard and Agoura Road will be redeveloped into a single shopping complex tentatively titled "the Westlake Village." Many new eateries are slated to join the center when it's completed this fall such as Mendocino Farms, Pitfire Artisan Pizza, Le Pain Quotidien, Pressed Juicery and Firefly. [EaterWire]

[Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

Night + Market Song

3322 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026