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Wexler's Deli, a Modern Pastrami and Lox Counter in DT

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Photos by Matthew Kang

Micah Wexler has been preparing for Wexler's Deli his whole life. After running the ship at Craft and eventually his own restaurant, Mezze, Wexler's been doing everything from throwback menus to deli classics at the late Umamicatessen. Starting April 28, dive into the house-cured and house-smoked specialties at Wexler's Deli in Grand Central Market, one of the last of the new school eateries to hit the Downtown food emporium. The full menu spans everything from bagels with lox, pastrami on rye, and reuben sandwiches to roast turkey and tuna salad. Hours will run 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
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