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Sayulita Hits the Mondrian; B-Rod on Dia de Campo

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WEST HOLLYWOOD— Sayulita is a taqueria and tequila bar soft launching at the Mondrian this weekend, slated to fully debut on May 6. It's adjacent to Skybar, taking over the entire outdoor area after exiting the lobby and before going upstairs. According to the hotel's website, Sayulita was "[i]nspired by the quaint town on the Pacific Coastline that was discovered by roving surfers in the sixties" and somehow that translates to faux grass and communal tables in the photo over right. Urban Daddy says that Soigné Group's Josh Goldman and Julian Cox are behind drinks like tequila-spiked micheladas and bourbon margaritas. [EaterWire]

WEEK IN REVIEWS— B-Rod over at LA Weekly calls Dia de Campo a "Mexican-ish" restaurant worthy of two stars. She takes note of salting issues, is especially keen on raw selections, and ultimately decides that "Hermosa Beach deserves a quality, upscale taco and ceviche joint, and Dia de Campo is pretty perfect for its surroundings ... It's a smart restaurant and completely right for its time and place." [LAW]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— On May 1, newbie Sunset pizza addition Dough is launching a roster of specialty intoxicants by Christopher Brian (Plan Check), one of which calls for Nutella. Because why not. Coffee & Tabacchi mixes rum, cold brew coffee, cream, Nutella, and a salted biscotti. Check out the others here. [EaterWire]


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