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Matthew Kang IN as Editor of Eater LA

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Eater is pleased to announce that as of today Matthew Kang, Associate Editor of Eater LA, has been promoted to Editor of Eater LA. Matt got his start over here in a rather unusual way. We first knew him by his commenter name Mattatouille, and for a year and a half Matt sent over restaurant tips. Finally, we decided we should pay the guy. In July 2011, Matt joined the Eater team as a contributor. One year ago we promoted Matt to Associate Editor and, in that last year, Matt has killed it with maps, guides, and more than a scoop or two.

So, that means we have a position open for an Associate Editor at Eater LA. If you're interested in the job—a part-time position —let's get right to it. Write us a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you think you're right for the job and email it to with the subject line "Eater LA Associate Editor." If you've got a personal blog, Tumblr, or Twitter, include links to those as well. No resumes, please. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly.