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Cafécito Organico May Be Moving to Frogtown

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Cafécito Organico, the growing local coffee empire with outlets from Costa Mesa to Malibu to Silver Lake, set up shop two months ago in an unassuming strip mall on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock. Now comes word that an expansion to ever-popular Frogtown (aka Elysian Valley), adjacent to Silver Lake, may be in the works.

A small weekend warehouse pop-up started recently, with little more than a sandwich-board sign to note the goings-on. Inside the recently rehabbed industrial space are an espresso machine, small counter and room for simple toast service, which usually lasts a few hours. Some shabby couches make up the only available seating, while rumor has it that the rest of the large, open facility is slated to become Cafécito's home roasting operation.

The current Frogtown coffee pop-up is happening Saturdays and Sundays midday only, on the corner of Ripple St. and Gilroy St.; follow the signs in through the small parking lot. —Farley Elliott
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2299 Ripple St Los Angeles, CA 90039