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John Sedlar Starts Latin-Style "Dim Sum" Inside Rivera

Bizarre? Yes. Trendy? Definitely. A good idea at Rivera? Perhaps. John Sedlar is never one to shy away from trying out a good idea, and after a trip to State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, the Rivera chef decided on this format for dinner service.

LA Magazine reports that Sedlar started the dim sum-style service he's calling "loncheras" because, "People just don't have the time to eat, they want to head to the next event." It's a nod to traditional lunch trucks, the 5-year old eatery is offering everything from tamals, uni with pickled vegetables served inside a radicchio shell, and a broccamole, a guacamole made with broccoli.

The dim sum format, or even the idea of it, is starting to creep up around town, from The Church Key and Superba Snack Bar.
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Rivera Restaurant

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1050 S Flower Street Los Angeles, CA 90015