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Chef David Myers Ditches David Myers' Restaurant Group

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Seemingly of the blue, chef David Myers announced today that he is leaving his namesake David Myers' Group — the operating company for Comme Ca, Hinoki & the Bird, and Pizzeria Ortica — reports the Los Angeles Times.

Myers, who previously ran the acclaimed Sona (which closed in 2010) and Boule Bakery (which closed in 2009), will remain in Los Angeles while pursuing new projects in Singapore.

It's otherwise business as usual at David Myers' Group; chef Kuniko Yagi will remain at Hinoki & the Bird in Century City. Meanwhile, Myers will continue to oversee his restaurants in Tokyo, David Myers Cafe and Sola, which opened in 2010. Myers told the LA Times: "It's an opportunity for me to do something new in a place that has a lot of meaning for me, and that's exciting."
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