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The Briks, a Multi-Cultural Eatery Coming to DTLA

Instagram: Chef Mario Christema/The Briks

The South Park area in Downtown LA continues to grow and with it another restaurant is born. The Briks is a New American restaurant going where II Mare once was, on the corner of 11th and Hope. The eatery's Twitter handle confirms a soft opening date for friends and family on July 23, however, a grand opening will happen sometime in August. Chef Mario Christerna combines techniques related to where he's learned to cook including North African, Spanish, French and Mexican cultures.

The multi-cultural menu consists of a variety of salads, tacos and cocas, which are similar to flat bread pizzas from Spain, made in a brick oven. Also, there will be specialty items from North Africa called briks, which are fried pastries similar to samosas, with a filling inside. Examples include, The Tony Montana, consisting of pork lechon, black beans, mojo and sautéed onion, and The Bougie, a mix of duck confit, cauliflower puree, duck egg and truffle glaze. For dessert, finish with a Churro Tiramisu, served with his abuelita chocolate sauce. A brunch is set for Sundays and a late night menu will be installed, once opened. More on the menu here.

The theme of the restaurant, designed by Chef Mario Christema, feels very nostalgic and urban, with collages of classic actors and movies decorated throughout, and graffiti painted on the walls. — Keyla Vasconcellos

The Briks

111 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012