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Ramen Maruya Bowling Up Little Tokyo

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Status: Opened July 16
Web: Yelp
Ramen Maruya, the spot that took over the former Wakasaya in Little Tokyo's Village Plaza, is now serving a mix of ramen and comfort food bites. The tonkotsu bowl doesn't overtly adhere to any particular style, though early reviews have been on the positive side. There's also a tsukemen for dip noodle fans. And another plus, the noodles are apparently made in house.

Other bites include pork chashu donburi rice bowls, tempura rolls, and scrambled tamago egg with shredded radishes. Throw in gyoza and fried squid legs, and Shin Sen Gumi and Men Oh Tokushima nearby might have a serious contender for second status in Little Tokyo. That's because Daikokuya is still the one to beat in terms of popularity.
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Ramen Maruya

106 Japanese Village Plaza Mall Los Angeles, CA 90012