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Petit Trois Supergroup Was On Site Making Sandwiches

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Imagine, three of the LA's top chefs, plus another of the most capable toques who helmed the stoves at Cafe Pinot in Downtown, all in one line preparing...sandwiches. Great 'wiches, yes, but together that might've been the most impressive sandwich-making quartet L.A. has ever seen. On the menu for Petit Trois' today's opening: a quite large nicoise pan bagnat (which Ludo was sure to mention that they're even bigger in France), and a jamon beurre with a dense baguette to hold it together.

Priced at $16 and $14 respectively, there were still a few dozen people on hand to witness the debut. Jon Shook behind the counter picking parsley for dinner service while Vinny Dotolo set off early (Shook claims to have fired him, jokingly). One diner asked Shook how long he'd worked for Ludo, thinking he was a mere prep cook. This was shortly before Shook greeted wife (and actress) Shiri Appleby, who came by for lunch with the toddler and mother-in-law.

Ludo was his usual slightly grumpy (yet cheeky) self, blaring orders in a way that probably made every female in the room blush. Oh and he made a happy face balloon with a kitchen glove for Shook's daughter, Natalie. And Sydney Hunter III, using all his weight to bare down on the pan bagnat. But overall, things were pretty smooth and efficient, four master chefs preparing some of the most impressive sandwiches in town. Dinner service launches tonight at 5:30 p.m.
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