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Lou Amdur Uncorking New Los Feliz Wine Bar and Shop

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Lou Amdur, the wine guru that once had an oenophile's dream restaurant on Vine, is slated to open another full-fledged wine shop on Hillhurst called Lou Wine Shop & Tastings. The 42 license listed by the ABC yesterday indicates that it will be an on and off-premises license, which will allow Lou to conduct tastings and even offer wines to drink on site. It also means that the service of food isn't required, like a typical 41 license that many restaurants carry. Still, that could mean that Lou could serve some dishes to pair along with the wine. Amdur has been selling wines at the SQIRL-adjacent Provisions on Virgil since selling LOU on Vine, though that location doesn't allow on-site tastings.
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Lou Wine Shop & Tastings

1911 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90037

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