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Chocolatier Blue Serving Artisan Chocolates by Mid July

Abbot Kinney is gaining another expensive yet charming boutique coming all the way from Berkeley mid July. Chocolatier Blue is a popular spot where exotic meets visually pleasing chocolates made with fresh organic ingredients by chocolatier, Chris Blue. Their mission is "to use the best ingredients on the planet. Ours is a painstaking search for quality ingredients without regard for price, accessibility or convenience." Depending on the season one can find flavors like sunflower & orange marmalade, waffle cone & ice cream, caramel apple, orange Julius and chocolate chip cookie. Blue uses Domori Chocolates for all his creations, an Italian company known for the best chocolates in the world.

In addition to its upscale chocolates, the Venice location will expand to offer gourmet pastries, sorbets and ice creams. Think Young Ginger with Kumquat Marmalade or Fresh Mint with Shiso. All the flavors are seasonal, but with Summer here everyone will see what Chocolatier Blue has in store. According to employees, training will start soon and they will be ready to open their doors by the middle of July. [EaterWire] — Keyla Vasconcellos

Chocolatier Blue

1522 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291