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Street Food King Roy Choi Lands His Own CNN Show

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[Photos: Eric Charbonneau]

It's been quite a year for Roy Choi, who grew out of his Kogi empire and smattering of restaurants to a big time hotel operation, involvement with Jon Favreau's Chef movie, and cookbook release. But now things go to another level for the Korean-American chef, who teased a new CNN show called Street Food on social media over the weekend, reports Eater National.

Reps from CNN have been pretty mum about the overall concept of the show, but did confirm that they were working with Choi. Based on the tweets/Vine videos Choi released, it's hard to tell whether it will be an on-location show based on street food, or a studio-based cooking show (which would certainly seem out of place on CNN). Perhaps the gig will involve a little bit of both. Whatever the case, friend Jon Favreau was around to help create trouble.

For more on the show, head over to Eater National. >>


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