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The 22 Most Anticipated Fall Restaurant Openings in LA

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Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

It's that time of year again, when both first time and seasoned restaurateurs are aching to open the places they've been working on for months. Los Angeles is already one of the most exciting dining cities in America at the moment, and 2014 has already seen a number of notable openings. But that doesn't mean Fall will fail to excite the stomach of a legion food lovers around the city of angels. Except everything from iconic ethnic restaurants making a big splash on ritzy boulevards to key players in the local scene teaming up for grand productions. Here now, the 22 most anticipated Fall restaurant openings in Los Angeles.

2014-08-05-thesprings-008.jpg22) Arts District: The Springs DTLA
Major Players: Michael Falso; Ian Martin; Design, Bitches
The Situation: Located in the heart of the Arts/Industrial District, this raw vegan restaurant will have the whole package for those looking to revitalize themselves. With yoga studios, holistic treatment rooms, and the kind of healthy fare that Angelenos can't get enough of, The Springs will also include a full on juice bar.
Projected Opening: Early September
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IMG_3753.JPG21) Westwood: Boiling Crab
Major Players: Unknown
The Situation: While the story behind the Vietnamese family from Southeast Texas who opened this budding chainlet of Cajun seafood restaurants is unclear, the result is undeniable: long lines and a rabid fanbase that absolutely loves the spice-filled shellfish offerings. This Westwood location, which takes over the old BrewCo, will surely draw long lines from the college student population.
Projected Opening: Mid Fall
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holycow-thumb.jpg20) Brentwood: Holy Cow
Major Players: Rob Serritella
The Situation: Located in the old Louise's Trattoria in Brentwood across from the Country Mart, this delayed barbecue joint was supposed to open back in June. With a cowboy/ranch design, it fits in nicely with the faux Western styles of the Country Mart. Not much else is known at this point, except that it will likely reflect a fusion of various barbecue styles.
Projected Opening:
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IMG_2341-thumb.JPG19) Santa Monica: Sidecar Doughnuts
Major Players: Chi-Lin Pendergrast, Sumpter Pendergrast
The Situation: A major donut purveyor based in Costa Mesa looking to make a huge splash in L.A., the team is partnering up with Mendocino Farms to land a spot in Santa Monica. With a commitment to the highest ingredients and a constant frying operation so that donuts are always warm, Sidecar was a massive hit when it opened in Orange County. Things will only get more exciting for them once they open in the Westside. L.A. has a number of excellent donut shops, but this one is truly poised to become the king among them all.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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Ryan-Sweeneyfoodgps.jpg18) Sherman Oaks: Bershire Tavern
Major Players: Ryan Sweeney, Brandon Bradford
The Situation: Taking over the old Smiles Cabernet nightclub, Ryan Sweeney is bringing is craft beer and cocktail-centric approach to Sherman Oaks. Not much else is known except that this will add one more strong place to find a drink in the lower Valley. With all the action happening in Studio City and Sherman Oaks, it's only time before the area becomes a bona fide dining destination.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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imagejintasamo-thumb.jpeg17) Santa Monica: Jinya Ramen
Major Players: Tomonori Takahashi, CEO
The Situation: Perhaps the most westerly outlet of this once powerful and now more stabilized ramen chain, Jinya's location inside the former Bravo pizzeria on Main Street will make it a solid late night dining option for Silicon Beach. With all the tech offices nearby, the hearty tonkotsu ramen will surely be a hit.
Projected Opening: Mid-Fall
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Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.54.05 PM-thumb.jpg16)Hollywood: Gardner Junction
Major Players: Kris Keith, Steve Brown
The Situation: A former Red Car Trolley stop is turning into a transit-inspired eatery with global bites from chef Steve Brown. Ingredients will be locally sourced while a modern mixology menu will round out the list of drinks. Located on the corner of Gardner and Sunset, Kris Keith's design firm Spacecraft is always looking for ways fill in under served parts of Hollywood.
Projected Opening: October 2014
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Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.27.46 PM-thumb.jpg15) Santa Monica: Dunkin' Donuts
Major Players: Nigel Travel, CEO
The Situation: Yes, it's a donut shop, but it's the first official Dunkin' Donuts to open in the city of Los Angeles. It certainly has homesick transplants clammoring for its watery coffee and right-about-average donuts, but there's something about that pastel-colored logo that inspires passion among its fans. Located in a former salon in Santa Monica, things are shaping up quickly for this mega-chain, which plans to open up to 1,000 more outlets in California. Remember, it will have all started here.
Projected Opening: Late September
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saltstarwlosangeles-thumb.jpg14) Larchmont: Salt & Straw
Major Players: Kim and Tyler Malek
The Situation: This cousin team from Portland is making their first expansion outside of the Rose City with a swell location on Larchmont, which continues to be one of the best walking districts in a car-centric town. The celebrated ice cream shop already has some offerings at nearby Joan's on Third, but this will be the creamery's full-fledged operation in L.A. Expect 11 signature flavors plus seasonal offerings that draw from the local produce selections.
Projected Opening: Late September
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lacasitamexicanoinbaldwinhills-thumb.png13) South LA: Mexicano
Major Players: Ramiro Arvizu, Jaime Martin del Campo
The Situation: This second full service restaurant from the La Casita Mexicana duo is by far the most exciting restaurant to open in South L.A. since the debut of Govind Armstrong's Post & Beam back in 2012. This Baldwin Hills restaurant will feature plenty of Arvizu and Martin del Campo's odes to Mexican cuisine, though their fast-casual Flautas will prelude the effort.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.39.30 PM.jpg12) Downtown: Redbird
Major Players: Neal Fraser, Bill Chait
The Situation: The wait for this restaurant has literally been years. Neal Fraser first announced this project back in 2009, originally dubbing it the second rendition of his now defunct Grace. Just recently, Neal Fraser instagrammed a photo of the progress they've been making at the former Rectory of the Vibiana Cathedral in Downtown. The 133 year old building will house a 100-seat dining room, along with private dining spaces and more.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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image.jpeg11) Playa del Rey: Bacari PDR
Major Players: Robert and Daniel Kronfli, Lior Hillel
The Situation: Playa del Rey already got one landmark restaurant in Playa Provisions this year, but the burgeoning community (what with Playa Vista nearby) is in need of more quality dining experiences. This sophomore effort by the Bacaro (South LA) team will bring a similar mix of compelling wines, Italian-style small bites, and even a handy cocktail menu for casual beachside eating.
Projected Opening: Early September
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cassellsinside.jpg10)Koreatown: Le Comptoir
Major Players:Gary Menes
The Situation: The rogue chef, known for his impeccable plating and commitment to the highest possible ingredients, is still a few months away from opening his diminutive tasting counter inside the Normandie Hotel. But expect this to one of the most compelling, tasting-menu driven experiences to ever hit Koreatown. Think nine bar seats and an open kitchen, almost like a private performance. Much of the produce will come from a small lot he farms in Long Beach.
Projected Opening: Early September
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2-IMG_5081.JPG9) Culver City: Suave Rico
Major Players: Ricardo Zarate
The Situation: After three successful Peruvian full service restaurants around town, Ricardo Zarate is ready to strike it big with this fast-casual rotisserie chicken concept at Culver Crossroads. With Culver City already the best place in America to launch off a fast-casual concept (see: Tender Greens, LYFE Kitchen, Native Foods, etc), Zarate is bringing the chef's touch to an already popular medium found in various neighborhoods around town. Construction still hasn't gotten to the intense phase, though the empty shell is provides plenty of room for creativity.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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DIANI_ChefKramer_006.jpeg8) Sara Kramer's Unnamed Project
Major Players: This Brooklyn chef is making a major impact from the get go with two planned eateries in Los Angeles. Though the chef has been mum about the exact location, a falafel spot is first up, with a heavy emphasis on vegetables. Think house-grilled bread and an overall playful approach to the familiar falafel shop. After that, Kramer is aiming to do a full service eatery.
The Situation:
Projected Opening:
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Screen_Shot_2014-01-23_at_12_19_25_PM_jpg-thumb.png7) Downtown: Big Gay Ice Cream
Major Players: Doug Quint, Bryan Petroff
The Situation: Occupying a prime spot on one of the most hipster parts of Downtown, this celebrated ice cream brand from New York is splashing onto the L.A. scene in the big (gay) way. With a 1,500 square foot space, the duo plans to eventually control multiple shops around the city, as well as a year-round roving ice cream truck. Despite multiple delays, a debut before the year end is likely.
Projected Opening: Mid Fall
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phillipfranklandleegadareneswine-thumb.jpg6) Studio City: The Gadarene Swine
Major Players: Phillip Frankland Lee
The Situation: The Scratch Bar chef is ready to move beyond his freshman project to this return to the Valley, where, despite the odd Biblical reference to demonized pigs, the young toque will prepare a vegetable-centric bill of fare. Not much more is known at this point other than those facts, but expect this to elevate the Valley's culinary status just one more significant notch. If anything, perhaps L.A. will have a vegetable-heavy menu that will draw carnivores, omnivores, and vegetarians alike.
Projected Opening: Early September
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alvin-cailin-eggslutramen.jpg5) Downtown: EggSlut Ramen
Major Players:Alvin Cailan, Johnny Lee
The Situation: The insanely popular egg sandwich (and more) purveyor is officially opening a ramen joint inside Grand Central Market, fusing perhaps the most popular vendor inside the rehabbed food emporium with food group perfectly suited for the current culinary zeitgeist. The crew recently debuted a fried chicken ramen at the recent FoodGPS Fried Chicken Fest, and the response on Instagram seemed to be quite positive.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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josef-centeno-petes-cafe-downtown.jpg4) Downtown: Pete's Cafe
Major Players:Josef Centeno, Pete McLaughlin
The Situation: With three restaurants already on the block, Josef Centeno is poised to absolutely dominate Historic Core by partnering with this longtime Downtown fixture. Amping up the menu with classic American bites straight from the James Beard canon, think dishes like Waldorf salad, crab cakes, club sandwiches, steak Diane, baked Alakas, coquilles St. Jacques, and lemon meringue pie.
Projected Opening: October
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newportseafoodbh-thumb.jpg3) Beverly Hills: New Port Seafood
Major Players:Ly Hua, Wendy Lam
The Situation: New Port Seafood has been a fixture in San Gabriel for years, with two solid outlets that are perpetually packed. However, this effort in Beverly Hills, which takes over the old Xandros space, will be their real effort for local, and even national, recognition. Among other things, the heavily seasoned lobster dishes might be one of the most iconic seafood dishes in the city. And the overall strong execution of Chinese fare with elements of Cambodian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine will surely be a welcome sight for Westsiders and Angelenos unwilling to travel to SGV. The menu here will be much smaller and condensed, with a highly non-Chinese speaking (read: English-speaking) service staff that will better accommodate those that are unfamiliar with this caliber of Asian cooking.
Projected Opening: Early September
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jon-shook-vinny-dotolod.jpg2) Fairfax District: Jon & Vinny's
Major Players:Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo
The Situation: Pretty much anything this duo touches is gold, from their first two restaurants in Mid-City to their recent productions with the gifted Ludo Lefebvre. This latest project will be part commissary kitchen, part R&D, a wine shop (with delivery) and a restaurant that offers approachable (which hopefully means more affordable) fare that could potentially replicate into multiple locations. The only thing that hasn't been finalized is the name, which, if the past is any indication, probably won't disappoint.
Projected Opening: Late Fall, perhaps even Early Winter
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la-pistola-summer14.jpg1) West Third: Pistola
Major Players: Vic Casanova, Seth Glassman
The Situation: Taking over the old (and iconic) AOC space on West Third, this will be one of the most significant meat-based restaurants to open in Los Angeles since CUT debuted in Beverly Hills. With Glassman's pedigree as the general manager at BOA Steakhouse coupled with Casanova's perfectionist approach toward Italian cuisine, Pistola is sure to become a blue chip eatery on a row already chock full of great places to dine. The only question is, when will the curtains finally open? It's not like the AOC space needed a ton of rehab did it?
Projected Opening: Mid-Fall
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