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Hache LA Grilling Steak Sandos Aug 21 in Silver Lake

Outside Tarascos, Silver Lake. [Photo: Chicken Hawk Courier]

Haché LA, that OC transplant burger shop opening in the old Tarascos space in Silver Lake, is opening August 21 serving Michael "Mick" Schepers' signature steak sandwiches. So what's an haché? The patties must be cooked within 30 minutes, with less than four hour-old ground beef. In addition, they must be made of actual steak, not off-cuts like round, brisket, or chuck. Finally, the meat is seasoned only on the outside, like a steak. So, an haché is a burger, but a burger is not necessarily a haché, though many of the toppings will be configured in popular burger formats.
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Haché LA

3319 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA