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Shaved Ice and Bingsoo Specialist Anko Lands in Ktown

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Koreatown just can't get enough in the way of shaved ice. A few months ago, a place that might be plucked straight out of Seoul called called Okrumong started serving house-made red bean shaved ice on 6th Street.

In the past week or so, a self-described "trendy" shaved ice spot called Anko started making Taiwanese-style snow ice meets Korean bing soo, mixing everything from rice cake bits, red bean, fruit, and most interesting, a heavy dose of mitsugaru.

That last bit is a toasted Korean grain powder that tastes just about great on anything that's sweet and icy, making it an ideal topping for this format. But for those that are more of the bing soo purist, there's the fantastic-looking fruit bing soo that might go perfectly after a heavy Korean BBQ meal.
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