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Commissary, Roy Choi's Latest and Greatest, Debuts Mañana at The Line Hotel

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Photo: RidingShotgunLA/Instagram

Roy Choi's "Vegetable Restaurant," Commissary will open its doors tomorrow in Koreatown on the second floor of The Line Hotel. For those who have been living under a rock, this is the fourth installment of Chef Choi's different concepts for the hotel. He calls Commissary a produce garden restaurant. "There will be a garden up there, and you'll be eating in the garden. It's a vegetable focus, but not vegetarian. I just want to make a restaurant where I'm using mostly vegetables and fruits and cooking them like I would." It will be an homage to all the people and families in Southern California that work on farms to bring food to tables.

It will be like dining in a Greenhouse and water will be served out of a garden hose. The vibe will be super casual where guests can lounge by the pool and enjoy carrot juice or spiked agua fresca and relax for the remainder of the Summer. Chef Roy Choi gets sentimental on his Instagram involving this project that started a few years ago, thanking all of his families.

Says the Instagram comment by Choi:

This is the final piece to a puzzle that started a few years ago and really the last stanza in a journey that began with Kogi for me. I spent the last six years putting and playing everything about my life out there through food to try and find some strength and solace but to also bring us together. From the streets to refrigerator rice bowls to a restaurant with the aloha spirit and a mean ass fried chicken to a dream interlude in Jamaica to my challenging my Korean identity as a young immigrant to bringing fruit and coffee to south central to now trying to make vegetable relevant to a new generation by just making them fun and challenging classicism in America by building a country club for the public. Welcome to Commissary. Who knows where I go from here as now I no longer need to explore my own psyche anymore and my next projects might be just psychodelic and weird. But for now I wanna thank all my families: Kogi, Chego, Alibi, A-Frame, Sunny Spot, 3 Worlds, POT, caFe, Commissary, and L.A. Son for helping me figure this shit and myself out. Welcome to Commissary.
—Keyla Vasconcellos
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