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Beautiful Space, Salty Service at Playa Provisions

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Playa Provisions, chefs Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts' multi-faceted ode to the beach life in Playa del Rey, opened at the beginning of summer with a bang. Word had gone around for years that the Westside power couple (Hudson House, The Tripel) were looking to build out a large space in PDR that could provide three square meals a day (four if you count booze), but it wasn't until Playa Provisions started officially coming into view that the neighborhood began to get excited. Now, the laid-back concept space is the talk of the beach, with weekend reservations perpetually filled.

Still, with any new restaurant (particularly one as ambitious as Playa Provisions) there are things to tweak, and early successes to hang one's hat on. And while none of the city's print critics have inked an official review yet, there's plenty to discover about the food, the chic East Coast seaside décor and the staff on hand. Here's the good news — and some of the bad.

A High Concept: Playa Provisions was built to be multi-purpose, including rolling doors that can hide the Kings Beach counter while dinner at Dockside is in session. Some folks get it more than others. "I'm still a bit confused about the 4-in-1 thing, but I'll happily come back and figure it out!" [The Actor's Diet]

· "Overall such a cool vibe and an interesting menu." [Yelp]

The Beautiful Design Report: On the other hand, diners are almost unanimous in their praise for the beautiful space itself, where blonde woods, rustic seaside touches and lots of natural light combine to make one seriously gorgeous quartet of eateries. "The venue is delightfully beach chic, from the menu to the décor." [Buzzchomp]

· "I want to live in a home designed by whomever designed this restaurant." [Chow]

The Food Talk: Williamson, a former Top Chef contestant, and Roberts have already elevated Hudson House and The Tripel to beloved local legends, so it's no surprise that the naturally seafood-centric menu at Playa Provisions earns similarly high praise from most — if not all. "The menu from chefs Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts is mostly straight-ahead seafood—oysters, shrimp cocktail, lobster roll on buttered brioche…" [LA Times]

· "The lighter fare of King Beach includes fresh salads and sandwiches that would be perfect for a last-minute beach picnic." [Buzzchomp]

· "This is one of many trendy restaurants with lots of hoopla, but without good food." [TripAdvisor]

The Service Situation Customers are split on service here, with plenty complaining of long wait times and overwhelmed staff, despite having a few months under their belts. The lesson: be sure to snag a reservation first. "Finally, after 30 or 40 minutes and many complaints to our waitress and manager we received the disappointing entrees." [TripAdvisor]

· "The wait was an hour and a half. Thankfully, I found a seat at the bar. The bartenders were completely overwhelmed so it took awhile to get service to order food." [Chow]

· "Advice: make reservations and don't trust the host." [Yelp]

· "Let me preface this review by saying the best part of our entire experience was our waiter, Dominic. If only the food were as great as Dominic." [Yelp]

Noise Complaints: Because the building is freestanding, staff seems willing to let things get a little loud, especially during dinner service. "We immediately realized that we would not be able to have a conversation without screaming during the meal." [TripAdvisor]

· "We got to our table and the room was way too loud...we could not hear a thing from my parents right across the table." [Yelp]
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Playa Provisions

119 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90293

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